Every cent of every dollar is delivered at MBF so we do urge anyone who wants to help to donate generously with the hope of alleviating some of the sufferings many families will be going through for the weeks and months to come.


Approximately 200.000 or 1/3 of Children in Wales live under the poverty line with Wales hosting the worst child poverty in the UK!

This may come as surprising to many, including those from Wales. Sadly, living in poverty and being vulnerable has been the reality of hundreds of thousands of children for decades and not much has been done about it.

The “No Welsh Child Left Behind” project aims to change that. With the crucial support and help of many UK and Welsh personalities such as Professional Boxer Kieran Gething who hails from Abergavenny and will play an important role in the realization of the project, we have a clear opportunity through which we aim to reduce child poverty in Wales by half come 2028!

You may do your part in contributing to the success of this project and vision by sponsoring an impoverished Welsh child for any period of time you can afford. Below you will find the options. Keep in mind that if you are from the United States, your donation is fully tax-deductible as MBF is a 501c3 Nonprofit.