Our Mission


Sponsoring and tending to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children, especially in developing countries like Morocco, constitutes the core mission of MBF. Mehdi Bousfiha's unwavering dedication to this cause stems from his regular interactions with profoundly underprivileged yet remarkably content children in the city of Essaouira, his mother's hometown. Despite growing up in America, Mehdi's ties to his origins and personal responsibility to care for orphans and their fundamental requirements in Morocco remain resolute. Since the establishment of MBF, his aspiration has been to extend his reach and create a positive impact on the lives of more children in need, both in Morocco and worldwide.

Moreover, disaster relief efforts is one of the main focus of our charitable organization. We have deployed teams in Florida, Turkey, Ukraine and more recently in Maui post Lahaina wildfires and Morocco after the earthquake.

We also use our platform and resources to educate and raise awareness for the causes of environmental sustainability, public health and vulnerable women.