Every cent of every dollar is delivered at MBF so we do urge anyone who wants to help to donate generously with the hope of alleviating some of the sufferings many families will be going through for the weeks and months to come.


Orphans and vulnerable children, especially those in developing nations, confront an array of challenges that needlessly burden their lives. Countless orphans worldwide lack fundamental essentials that we often take for granted: necessities like clean water, nourishing meals, warm clothing, and the opportunity to attend school and receive healthcare. Tragically, many of these children become susceptible targets for criminal and extremist organizations that exploit their vulnerabilities for recruitment purposes.

Collectively, we possess the capacity to transform the trajectories of numerous lives even with a modest monthly contribution of just $45 a month. This seemingly small amount can supply essential requisites to these suffering children, shielding them from potential harm.

With your invaluable support, we are steadfast in our determination to extend our reach and positively influence as many of these underprivileged children as possible. We serve many countries including Morocco, Ukraine, Turkey, Pakistan and USA. To sponsor a child, kindly make a contribution using the link below:

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